Share Market Technical Analyst Rakesh Desai

Amit Mukherjee, Investor

One of the finest crash course I came across. In 2 months training, Rakesh Desai not only gave excellent share market training but also became good friend too.His daily newsletter is an excellent thing that arrives in my mailbox daily. I would surely recommend him to all my friends.

Chandresh Hemani, Businessman

Professional approach towards the training was commendable. Mr. Rakesh has provided all the info that he promised before the start of course. Very Useful.

Nishant Jha, ACA

I highly recommend this website to all my near and dear one who would like to invest in share trading. Accurate outcome has generated lots of profit for me.

Mrs. Rekha Jain, Housemaker

I am a housewife and never expected that I too can earn money in such good way. Thanks Rakesh ji for the training, support and guidance all the time.

Dipankar Mitra, Retired banker

I was retired and was looking for some avenues where I can invest my savings and utilize my pension amount. Lots of agent gave me various advice and got me more confused. A friend of mine sent me to Mr. Rakesh Desai. I must say, he has a very thorough knowledge of his arena and treats his clients very personally and in friendly manner. Thank you.

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